National Executive



Name Position Professional Information
Geoffrey McCarthy President  

Presidential Member, ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Claressa Surtees Vice President
 Clerk of the House, House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia
Perry Wood Vice President Senior Member Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Peter Sutherland Treasurer Convenor, Legal Aid Clinic, ANU Legal Workshop, Senior Member, ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Tara McNeilly Secretary Senior General Counsel, Australian Government Solicitor
Emeritus Professor Robin Creyke AO Officer  

Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, Senior Member, ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Gary Humphries AO  



Deputy President, Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Jaala Hinchcliffe Officer
Robert Orr QC Officer Special Counsel, Australian Government Solicitor
Paul Pfitzner Officer
Katie Malyon Officer Member Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Matthew Paterson Officer
Justice Rachel Pepper Officer
Paul d’Assumpcao Officer

December 2020

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