AIAL Publications

AIAL publishes a range of materials, in particular its quarterly journal AIAL Forum. Current editions of the Forum are available to members on this site under AIAL Forum – Recent Editions. Old editions of the Forum are available generally on this site under AIAL Forum – Archives.

Papers are sought from writers on administrative law who are interested in publication in AIAL Forum. It is recommended that the style guide published by the Melbourne University Law Review the Australian Guide to Legal Citation be used in preparation of papers. Please send papers to the editor, AIAL Forum, PO Box 83, Deakin West ACT 2600 or . You can download here:

From time to time there are other AIAL publications, such as of conference proceedings.To purchase additional hard copies of AIAL publications contact the AIAL Secretariat on (02) 6290 1505 or at The cost for these is as follows:

Each annual conference publication (Non-Members)$ 38.50 ^
Back issues of AIAL Quarterly Forum (Non-Members)$ 25.00 ^
Back issues of AIAL Quarterly Forum (Members)FREE
  • ^ All prices include GST.