Table of Contents – Volume 104 (May 2022)

Recent developments ….1
Anne Thomas

Datafin: endgame …. 20
Chris Bleby

Know your industry; know your regulator …. 36
Katie Miller

Reviewing judicial power for jurisdictional error: some recent migration cases ….47
Justice Craig Colvin

The relevance of procedural fairness and practical injustice to materiality as an element of
jurisdictional error….63
Holly Ashburner

The Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld): three tricky questions for administrative lawyers ….82
Felicity Nagorcka

Therapeutic jurisprudence in child protection matters….95
Gwenn Murray and Glen Cranwell

Justice for those who wield the sword: the constitutional basis for military discipline in the
Australian Defence Force…. 103
Cameron Rentz

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