Callinan Review of AAT

01 Aug 2019


The Commonwealth Government has tabled the Statutory Review of the amalgamated Administrative Appeals Tribunal conducted by former Justice of the High
Court of Australia, the Hon Ian Callinan AC.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal was amalgamated with the former Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review
Tribunal, following the commencement of the Tribunals Amalgamation Act 2015 on 1 July 2015. This was a significant reform to Australia’s administrative
law framework, designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs under the previous system and the Act required a review to commence three years after
the commencement of the amalgamated Tribunal.

Mr Callinan was asked to evaluate the amalgamated Tribunal and identify further improvements that could enhance the work of the Tribunal and Commonwealth
merits review processes.

The Report and other information about the Review can be found here:



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